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Voice Improvement

When you consider that 37% of the image you project is your
speaking voice, what is yours saying about you? 
In answering that question, it might be a good idea to listen to your voice on a recording
which is how everyone else recognizes you. 
What do you like or dislike about what you hear? 
While you may not find that voice very appealing, the good news is that you can improve it. 
You have a better voice inside which I refer to as your ‘real’ voice. 
It is deeper in pitch, warmer in quality and very resonant.

How Can I Help You?

child-like voice

Voice Improvement

Is that really me on my voicemail? Unfortunately, what you hear on recording equipment is the truth. It is the sound by which everyone else recognizes you. The voice you hear in your head...

child-like voice

Child-Like Voice

I hear it all the time: women phoning me and complaining that their voice sounds like that of a child. If you have this problem, then the image you are projecting is not ....

soft spoken

Soft Spoken

When people ask you to repeat yourself, do you think that you have been speaking loud enough? Do you often get interrupted when you are talking? Do you feel that ....

accent reduction


When we hear the word nasality, we tend to think of New York City and her 5 boroughs. Excessive nasality is not limited just to New Yorkers though. I have found…

vocal abuse

Vocal Abuse

If you suffer from chronic hoarseness or sore throats and you are not sick, there are only two things that are going to solve your problem: 1. stop talking; or, 2. learn to....

accent reduction

Accent Reduction

Along with education and experience, your ability to communicate is paramount in securing a job. If your words are not being understood when you speak....

overcome fear of public speaking

Fear of Public Speaking

According to a study conducted by NPR, 43% of Americans say their greatest fear in life is public speaking, admitting they fear public speaking more than....

speak with color


That which makes the voice interesting to listen to is color - the life, the emotion, the animation you express in speaking. Without color, your voice is....

speak with color

Public Speaking Tips

If there is one thing that cannot happen in public speaking, it is the possibility of delivering a perfect presentation. What skills would you need...

Hearing Is Believing

Craig was one of my early clients. Watch his 'Before & After' clip and see why his father said: "That's the best investment you've made!"

Trish had a childlike tone in her voice. Her “real” voice was a warm, rich one which reflected confidence and maturity. What a beautiful change!

Voice Training programs that
work with your lifestyle

voice training dvd

Voicing It!  DVD Training

The complete Voice Dynamic Approach on DVD which consists of 2 DVDs and a 150-page manual.

voice training video

Voicing It!  Streaming Video

The complete Voice Dynamic Approach is also available in streaming format for playback on all your devices.

skype sessions voice training

Skype / Zoom Sessions

Online sessions consist of 5 one-hour video calls held weekly or more often according to your schedule.

group workshops voice

Group Workshops

The 2-day workshop is held on a Friday and Saturday and covers the voice and presentation skills.

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