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Discover Your 'Real' Voice and the Benefits for You
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Discover Your 'Real' Voice
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Speak with a Bigger Voice, Not a LOUDER One
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The Truth about Vocal Abuse
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How to Sound More Mature
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How to Speak with Expression
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Get Your Voice Out of Your Nose
- It Doesn't Belong There!

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Speak More Distinctly
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Take the Fear Out of Presenting
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Only One Voice Matters - Yours!
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Secrets of Dynamic Speaking

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Mildred on the Marne
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Unleash the Power of Your Speaking Voice with
Voicing It!

The ONLY Complete Video Training for the Speaking Voice
Which Will Improve Your Life...
Both Professionally and Personally
Available in DVD or Streaming Format

    redbullet Imagine being able to command the attention of a group just by the sound of your voice

    redbullet Imagine being heard the 1st time you say it

    redbullet Imagine speaking in 'living color'

    redbullet Imagine standing at the lectern and having total control over your nervousness

    redbullet Imagine speaking more distinctly

    Voicing It! is an intensive voice improvement training program on video, covering the patented and proven techniques of the entire Voice Dynamic Approach which I have been teaching for more than 25 years. Whether you are looking to eliminate vocal abuse or nasality, breathlessness or a childlike tone, Voicing It! will show you how to find your 'real' voice, increase your volume without shouting and speak more clearly, with color and emotion. 
    In addition, you will learn how to control your nervousness at the lectern, in the boardroom or in the sales conference; and, as an added bonus, Session 5 also covers those characteristics which make for dynamic public speaking.

And, you get my personal guarantee.

Any time you want to talk to me during your voice training,
I am here for you.

That's a promise!

Watch Craig's 'Before & After'
and see why his father said,

"That's the best investment you've made!"