Speaking with Expression

speak with colorThe great Roman orator, Cicero, said that a mediocre presentation with a dynamic delivery is more effective than the most scholarly presentation with a mediocre delivery. 

What Cicero was referring to is color, that which makes the voice interesting to listen to. Color also refers to facial expression and body language. It is what all listeners want to see and hear. If those we watched on TV and in the movies had no expression, Hollywood would not exist. You can have the greatest voice in the world, but if you speak with little or no expression, then you are boring. And, nothing puts a listener to sleep faster than a monotone or boring delivery. 

While many people have difficulty allowing themselves to express their emotions, when these people see and hear themselves on video, allowing their expression to come through, they appreciate that speaking with color, with life, and with emotion actually looks and sounds more natural than their former monotone, lackluster delivery. 

Once again that saying comes to mind, "It's not what you say but how you say it." There is no doubt, however, that people are more impressed by those who speak with expression than by those who do not. 

Life is filled with color and so is your speaking voice. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s in there. Give yourself permission to make use of it and you will be surprised at the positive reinforcement you’ll receive from your listeners!

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