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Voicing It!

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Imagine walking into a room and being able to command the attention of the group just by the sound of your voice -- Imagine standing at the lectern and having total control over your nervousness -- Imagine talking to someone and not having to repeat yourself -- Imagine speaking for a greater length of time without hoarseness or loss of voice.     

Whether in conversation, in the sales presentation, on the podium, or over the phone, with Voicing It!, people are discovering their 'real' voice -- a richer voice, a warmer voice, a voice that speaks volumes.  In my video, I take you through the entire course, step by step, just as if you were with me in my studio.  I show you not only how to do it, but how not to do it.....I want you to get this right!  As an added bonus, I've included the 5 Secrets to becoming a more dynamic, a more confident speaker.

There are a lot of wonderful speaking voices out there; and, most of those voices have had training.  Once you find your optimum speaking voice, you may discover a voice like that of James Earl Jones or George Clooney or Diane Sawyer or Kathleen Turner.

        Why not find out just how good your voice really is?

Here's What Others Are Saying About Voicing It!

"Your program is informative, engaging, easy to follow, and convincing.  Voicing It! must be considered authoritative in its field.  Remarkably, anyone can learn from it."

James Raymond Wilson


"Thanks again for a great course....You are truly part of my success and personal happiness."

Greg Miller

Musician, Business Owner, Writer

"Nancy Daniels is the real deal.  She doesn't load you down with excessive exercises...she shows you how to find your 'real' voice and then says, 'Go do it!'"





What Sets Voice Dynamic Apart From Other Courses?

      At Voice Dynamic, we start with the voice, the foundation, and work up from there.  While offering good tips and tricks for handling or eliminating nervousness in public speaking, many other courses in public speaking do not show you how to find your optimum speaking voice, your 'real' voice. 
     With Voicing It!, the techniques you will learn to find your 'real' voice, are the exact same techniques you will use to control your nervousness in any form of public speaking.  Nervousness is good!  I like nervousness!  It's that extra spurt of adrenaline that can really make your presentation outstanding.  The secret is learning how to control those nervous jitters, not eliminate them!



"I ordered Nancy's Voicing It! DVDs and another top-selling course. Nancy's program is far superior!"
Jennifer Madigan
L2 Accent Reduction Centre
Vancouver, BC


Voice Improvement DVD Course

Voicing It! Features Five 1-Hour Sessions on
2 DVDs along with the 150-page manual.

You can now order Voicing It! in the Streaming Format


Articulation Matters

      Tired of having people ask you to repeat yourself because you mumble, have lockjaw, or talk with a dialect or accent?  How much more successful would you be just from speaking more clearly?  Would you like to learn the best techniques for eliminating excessive nasality in your voice?  One of the greatest benefits of Voicing It! is that your diction will improve.  You can hear it in the 'before' & 'after' video clips on this website; and, you will hear it in your own 'before' & 'after' recording.  In this session you will tape yourself for your 'before' recording and, with my help, analyze what you hear.

Eliminate Vocal Abuse in 10 Minutes or Less

       In addition to learning the correct means of breathing with the support of your diaphragm, you will be given a few exercises to practice while you are doing other things, like driving, walking, ironing, golfing, and even showering.  (Yes, that means in the shower!)  The techniques you will learn in this session are the exact same techniques you are going to use to control your nervousness in any form of public speaking.  Vocal abuse will be no more and you will notice the difference in your level of stress just by taking a breath!

Discover How to Transform Your Voice Forever

        You will begin this session with your 'old' voice and end it with your 'new' one.  Certainly an exciting proposition when you consider how simple the techniques are for finding your optimum voice.  Try you 'new' voice in the shower....you'll be amazed at the sound.  The other good news is that you will find your voice improving with age.  After 40, you will or have discovered that nothing on your body is improving with age but the speaking voice that has had training is a lot like a bottle of fine wine.  It just keeps getting better.  When I'm 85, I may look like an old lady but I will never sound like one!

       Do you talk at 100 mph and need to slow it down?  Don't worry.  We cover speed in this session too!

Increase Your Volume, Increase Your Success

      If you are soft-spoken, you will learn how to train your inner ear to recognize a larger voice, not a louder one.  Projection, on the other hand, is the ability to increase your voice beyond a normal volume level necessary for many forms of public speaking, for calling the dog, and also for making your kids listen to you.  Whenever I give a presentation, a seminar, a corporate workshop, or a private consultation, I always tell my audience, "I never yelled at my kids; I projected!"  Kids don't listen when you yell at them, but they do sit up and take notice when you speak in a well-projected voice.  (It also keeps you in control -- yelling means you're out of control!)  Incidentally, yelling or shouting not only hurts your listener's ears but it also hurts your throat and your vocal folds (cords).

Secrets for Speaking in Living Color

       Being expressive in conversation, on the podium, in a sales presentation or over the phone is one of the most important characteristics of a dynamic speaker.  So I'm providing the mirror because I want you to not only display variety in your voice but also in your facial expression and in your body language.  A monotonous tone of voice puts your audience to sleep; a colorful delivery will keep them on the edge of their seats.

BONUS:  Unlock the Keys to Great Public Speaking

       As an added bonus, we will cover the 5 strategies that will not only help you control nervousness on the podium but also become more dynamic in any form of public speaking.  At the end of this session, you will be asked to record yourself again reading the same item you read in Session 1.  You will then play back the 'before' & 'after' recording and hear and see the amazing changes.

My Guarantee to you:

       If, at any time during the course, you want to ask me a question or just talk to me, I am here for you as your personal coach. Just email me and we'll arrange a time to Skype. And, you will not be speaking to an 'associate' - I will help you personally because I want you to get this right!

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