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Just for Toastmasters

The Voice LadyThose who are members of Toastmasters have the wonderful opportunity of speaking almost every week if they so wish.  And there is no doubt that the more practice you have, the better you will become in your abilities as a public speaker.  The one thing Toastmasters cannot do for you, however, is improve the sound of your speaking voice.

All the speech practice in the world will not improve the sound of your speaking until you learn the techniques to place your voice properly, allowing your chest 'to do your talking' instead of just your throat, your voice box, your mouth and/or your nose.

When you learn the techniques for discovering your 'real' voice, you will gain a tool that you never thought possible....Imagine being able to control every aspect of your speaking voice, from your speed to your diction, from your volume to your expression.

While Voice Dynamic teaches you how to find your 'real' voice, you will also discover that the techniques used in our voice training are the same techniques that will allow you to control your nervousness in any form of public speaking.   Staring at something on the wall or imagining your audience in their underwear is not the answer. Nor is hypnosis.  Nervousness is wonderful!   It's that extra spurt of adrenaline that can truly take your speech or your presentation to a whole new level.    Eliminating your nervousness is not the answer... controlling it is!

Voicing It!, the only voice improvement training on video, may be the answer for you.  Including 2 DVDs and a 150-page manual, our video training teaches you not only how to find your 'real' voice but also works on volume and projection as well as color, that which makes your delivery exciting.  Color is heard not only in one's vocal variety but is also seen in one's facial expression and body language. 

We also offer workshops throughout the United States and Canada designed with the Toastmaster in mind!   For more information on our 2-day workshops, visit Nancy's Workshops page, or if you would like her to hold a workshop for your group.


Let the power of your voice take their breath away... not yours!

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