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Discover what you'll learn in the 5 Sessions of
Voicing It!
The Voice Dynamic Approach Training Course.

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Session 1 – Introduction: Following a brief introduction in which you will learn how this course will proceed, you will be asked to record yourself either by means of an audio tape recorder or a camcorder.  This will be known as your ‘before’ reading.  After analyzing your voice, you will have the opportunity to eliminate nasality, mumbling and/or lockjaw should any of these traits be a problem with your speech.


Session 2 – Diaphragmatic Breathing:  In addition to learning the correct means of breathing with the support of your diaphragm, you will be given exercises to practice while you are doing other things, like driving, walking, ironing, golfing, and even showering (yes, that means in the shower!)

Session 3 – Optimum Pitch:  You will begin this session with your ‘old’ voice and end it with your ‘new’ one.  Certainly an exciting proposition when you consider how simple the techniques are for finding your optimum voice.  Try your ‘new’ voice in the shower….you’ll be amazed at the sound!  This session also covers speed.


Session 4 – Volume and Projection: If you are soft-spoken, you will learn how to train your inner ear to recognize a greater voice that is not ‘loud’, just larger.  Projection, on the other hand, is the ability to increase your voice beyond a normal volume necessary for many forms of public speaking, for calling the dog, and also for making your kids listen to you.  As Nancy says, “I never yelled at my kids; I projected.”


Session 5 – Color:  While we will provide you with a mirror for this session, learning to be more expressive either in conversation, on the podium, or in a sales presentation is one of the most important characteristics of a dynamic speaker.  You will learn how to express yourself not only with your voice but also with your face and your body. 


BONUS - Discover the 5 Characteristics of a Dynamic Speaker: As an added bonus, we will cover the 5 characteristics that will help you not only control nervousness on the podium but also become more dynamic in any form of public speaking.  At the end of this session, you will be asked to tape yourself again reading the same item you read in Session 1.  This will be known as your ‘after’ reading.  You will then play back the readings and hear the amazing changes.  That’s The Voice Dynamic Approach!


Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You'll Discover With Voicing It!

You will like the sound of your voice.

You will sound as good as you look (or even better!).

You will be able to speak for greater lengths of time without hoarseness or loss of voice.

You will be able to increase your volume, WITHOUT SHOUTING!

You will sound more interesting when you speak.

You will be able to control your nervousness instead of your nervousness controlling you.

Your children will listen to you -- the 1st time.

Your spouse will listen to you -- the 1st time.

Your boss will listen to you -- the 1st time.

Your clients will listen to you -- the 1st time.

Your dog will listen to you -- the 1st time.

What Does This Mean For Your Professional Or Personal Life?

You will close more sales more quickly.

You will close more sales more often.

You will sound more authoritative, not wishy-washy.

Your diction will be cleaner.

Your articulation will be clearer.

You will lose the New York Nasal, Texas Twang or Western Whine.

You will discover a voice that improves with age.  (So when you're 80, you may look it, but you won't sound like it!)



You Will Learn The Secrets The Professionals Know About Controlling Nervousness

You will learn to speak to your audience, not at them.

You will learn to use your body to control your nervousness..

You will learn how to speak with color, with life, with emotion.

You will learn how to introduce yourself memorably.

You will learn how to use the tone of your voice properly.

You will learn how to speak with your face and your body as well as your voice.

"Hi, Nancy, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the voice instruction program you have so professionally developed.  I have only been practicing the initial exercises you have demonstrated and already I, as well as others, have noticed a remarkable change in my speaking voice and confidence."

William Fuhrmann

Woodworker & Retired Teacher

"This whole process of breathing with the support of the diaphragm has not only helped lower my blood pressure, but it has also allowed me to feel more confident and relaxed when I'm speaking to others...!  I don't care if it's 2 people or 200!"

Bart Mueller

Deputy Executive Director

South Jersey Transportation Authority


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