Voice Dynamic Newsletter

July 28, 2011 


I just read an article by a man who teaches presentation skills.  He was discussing the fact that most people hate their voice on recording equipment because it is unfamiliar to their ear.  What 'floored me' about his message was that he was suggesting you accept it and live with it.

While I am confident that this man probably shows others how to speak with more color and more life (gosh I hope he is at least doing that if he is teaching presentation skills!), he has no idea what voice training is all about. None whatsoever.

What he also doesn't know is that everyone - and I mean everyone - has a better voice inside of them. No, you may not be the next James Earl Jones or Diane Sawyer, but I guarantee you have a richer, warmer, more mature-sounding voice that is probably deeper in pitch and will most definitely resonate in your chest when you learn to speak within your own optimum range. 

And no, I cannot make you sound like this person or that. But I can show you how to find your real voice - the one that is inside of you, just waiting to come out.


This past weekend, I was in Austin for my Voice & Presentation Skills Workshop. What a fantastic time we had! Whenever I hold a workshop, I think it is the best one ever. The changes I heard at this workshop, however, brought tears to my eyes.  Wow!  This small group was a little different though.  When we finished on Saturday, they took me out to dinner.

I loved Austin and when I return again to Texas, there is no doubt that it will be in this city which is known for being weird - that's their description. [I think I'll pick a slightly cooler time to go next year.  I departed from the sauna of Philadelphia and arrived at the oven of Austin which, admittedly, is an improvement over the humidity that plagued much of the country to the East.]

There are a few 'before' & 'after' videos from the weekend that I hope to have up on my website next week. I'll keep you updated.  

The question I would have for you is whether you want to work on the voice you already have or discover the one you don't know you have? That is the real difference between those who teach voice and those who think they teach voice.