Voice Dynamic Newsletter

Happy Labor Day Weekend
September 2, 2010



One of the greatest challenges I encounter in my voice training business is the individual who speaks too softly. When my clients discover their 'real' voice, their inner ear is most accommodating to the change; however, when we work on increasing the volume to a 'normal level of sound,' their inner ear revolts.

The quality of being soft-spoken is indeed not a quality, not an asset nor a strength. It is a liability and a weakness. Those who speak too softly are often overlooked when it comes time for a promotion and usually 'unheard' in business meetings. If your listeners must struggle or strain to hear you, then you will lose control of the conversation. (And that is assuming you were even able to participate in the discussion to begin with.)

In order to correct your lack of volume, you will need to retrain your inner ear to accept an increase of sound. After a lifetime spent speaking at one volume level, your inner ear will not like nor readily accept the change. This is where recording a professional voice and then recording your voice directly following it can be most beneficial.

Your 1st step in this process is to be able to recognize and distinguish how much less volume you are using compared to those who speak in a normal volume of sound.

One of the questions I ask my soft-spoken clients when they hear themselves on video is whether they would want to increase the volume were it a movie they were watching. Every single one has said yes. And, that is the question you must ask of yourself.

Over this Labor Day Weekend when you are celebrating with family and/or friends, keep track of how many times you are interrupted or 'talked over.'  Don't allow your soft-spoken voice to hold you back any longer.  If you expect others to listen to your words or your message, learn to speak with enough volume to be heard the 1st time you say it.