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Leading Authority on the Speaking Voice, Nancy Daniels Will Captivate Your Audience

Kristi Frank Nancy Daniels

Kristi Frank of Donald Trump's
The Apprentice
(Season 1)
& Nancy Daniels, The Voice Lady

"What Nancy has to offer is invaluable. In about 10 seconds, she calmed me down and had me speaking with my true voice. If you want to sound more confident, more centered, and healthier, definitely check out what Nancy has to offer."

"You were a Smash Hit! You pressed all the right buttons and the women were very impressed.
Willing to do a repeat performance?"

Olivia Stock
Keynnections Inc

"It's a pleasure to pass along congratulations and deep thanks for your terrific presentation.... A number of members have made a special effort to tell us how they benefited from your helpful and rewarding session."

Frank X. Long
Professional Communicators
of South Jersey

"Yesterday's seminar was absolutely wonderful. Feedback has been excellent from our members who have expressed that they really enjoyed your presentation."

Jennifer A. Jones
Executive Director
Salem County Chamber of Commerce

"Nancy is the most dynamic voice coach/guru that you could ever have. If you're looking for someone who can teach you how to sound professional and confident, so that you can do more, achieve more and be more, then you need Nancy."

James Malinchak
Co-author of Chicken Soup
for the College Soul
& 2 Time
College Speaker of the Yea

James Malinchak

"Nancy Daniels is an engaging speaker, educating and entertaining her audience with humor and passion."

Ann Rhodes
Chairperson/Music Department
Berea College


Voice Your Way to Success

Having excellent communication skills can be the determining factor in who gets the job, the promotion, or the raise. In this powerful presentation, The Voice Lady gives your audience her step-by-step approach to discovering their 'real' voice, speaking with emotion, and presenting a professional image. This presentation is designed for those who would like to project a more confident and assured self-image.

 Podium Power

While public speaking may be man's greatest fear, it need not be for your students or your faculty. With Nancy's novel approach, your audience, be employees, staff, students, or faculty will discover the 5 characteristics of dynamic public speaking and learn how to take control of their nervousness, allowing it to work for them. That rush of adrenaline is exactly what is needed in the presentation -- not something to be eliminated. When control is established, one's focus is sharpened and the senses become more alert, both of which are incredibly beneficial for a dynamic delivery.

 The Truth about Vocal Abuse

A common and serious problem for coaches, trainers, professors, clergy, politicians, and teachers, vocal abuse is on the rise and is widespread in these professions. Including chronic hoarseness, persistent sore throats and even loss of voice, the abuse is not something to be ignored as it can result in permanent damage. In Nancy's enlightening presentation, she shares the secret to ending vocal abuse which results in more voice and more energy. In addition, your audience will discover how to increase their volume without shouting, known as projection. For those using their voice heavily throughout the day, this is a program they will not want to miss!"

"I wish I had know how to project my voice when I was playing professionally."

Ulf Samuelsson
former NHL player

 With Every Breath You Take

Known for being shallow or lazy breathers, the majority of the population is unaware of the incredibly rewarding benefits of breathing with the support of the diaphragm. All mammals use that muscle in respiration except for the most intelligent of the mammals -- man. In this eye-opening presentation, Nancy discusses how supported breathing can lessen the stress in the lives of your audience, as well as a host of other benefits including better health, better sleep, lower blood pressure and even an improved golf swing.

 Speak in 'Living Color'

Being expressive in speaking is known as color and includes vocal variety of the voice, facial expression and body language. Allowing for and making use of color are among the most important traits for a dynamic delivery on the podium, at the head of the boardroom table, or in the classroom. During this unique presentation, The Voice Lady focuses on color, tone, attitude, volume and resonance in speaking.

Tired of the same old, same old?

"Nancy's presentations are a 'breath' of fresh air."
Craig Oren, Rutgers University School of Law


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