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Voice Training, Voice Improvement and
Public Speaking Solutions
Corporate Training Solutions

Whether you are looking for training in public speaking, voice projection, sales presentations or telephone/webinar skills & techniques, Voice Dynamic is the answer. Nancy Daniels provides in-depth training, critical feedback and video-recording in all her sessions, and can also provide instruction in the creation of the presentation or speech.

Workshops are offered in either 1-1/2 day, 2-day, or 2-1/2 day sessions and are tailored around the needs of your business.  

Podium Power -- Learning to speak to your audience, not at them.  These sessions deal with the dynamic delivery of the speech or presentation, the use of visual aids, as well as the control of nervousness.

The Sales Presentation --Whether your sales presentations are handled at the lectern, over the phone, in a one-to-one, or by means of video-conferencing, Voice Dynamic will tailor the training around your specific needs and requests.

Voice Projection -- For coaches, ministers, teachers, professional speakers and/or trainers, aerobics instructors, actors, radio personalities, political figures and all others whose positions require continual strain on the voice, learning how to project the voice for increased lengths of time is the answer to the vocal abuse often associated with these positions. 

Telephone Techniques -- If the image we project over the phone is primarily the sound of the speaking voice, imagine how much more effective your sales staff could be if they were able to utilize their 'real' voice.  Being able to handle stress more effectively and project a dynamic image  means a more confident, more satisfied, more successful work force for you. 

What sets Voice Dynamic apart from the others?

Improving the sound of the speaking voice is our first priority
and is known as
The Voice Dynamic Approach,
something the majority of other courses on public speaking or
presentation skills do not offer.

Call Nancy Daniels at 1-888-627-2824 or outside of the United States at

1-856-627-6040 for more information or email Nancy directly at:


Some of our Corporate Clients Include

Lockheed Martin

Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP

Preferred Warranties


TD Canada Trust

London Life


Managerial Design

The City of London

Huron College

Cooler Smart


Marcus & Associates

Bell Canada

Business Development Bank of Canada


"Thanks so much for everything.  Your course is terrific."

       Benjamin Levin

Managing Partner

   Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP


"Your voice training was some of the most valuable training I have had in my career."

Allison Christilaw

Managing Director

  Managerial Design Corporation

"Thanks so much for helping us make this amazing transformation!"

Kimone Gooden
Business Development Manager

"Great ideas fail because they weren't put forth in a good way; so consequently, businesses
lose because of the lack of presentation skills by the people who make them.
This is why I believe this course is good -- frankly, everyone should take it."

George Noa
Knight, Inc

"Nancy is among our most dynamic results oriented consultants on our roster.
She is truly a professional in all her dealing with our training participants. 
We have placed her in some of the most demanding and
challenging training environments and
she always works wonders."

Chic Allison
Federal Business Development Bank of Canada