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What Our Clients Are Saying

Bryan Siegel

Bryan Siegel

I honestly did not think that there was going to be such a change.
• Something has shifted with my air in its placement in my head, my throat, and my chest.
• I have less anxiety when speaking.
• I really feel a massive change.
• It is such a pleasure to speak this way.
• There is no longer any strain and no more scratchiness in my throat.
• To get this far in 1 week is huge!

Jennifer Bachhuber
Jennifer Bachhuber
New Hampshire

"By using the 'Voicing It!' exercises each day, my voice has developed a mature sound that has strengthened my credibility.  The breathing techniques keep me calm and I am now comfortable speaking to groups that range from 5-800 people.  Applying the knowledge in this program works!"


Greg Miller

Greg Miller
Business Owner, Writer & Musician

"Nancy Daniels’ course was a real answer to a prayer. One visit to her website and a single conversation with her gave me the confidence I needed to invest in her course. When I began to use it, I was immensely pleased with the quality of the presentation and the excellence of the instruction. It is now my firm belief that ANYONE can effect notable, even massive, improvement to their speaking voice and delivery if they follow her course. I will recommend this course to everyone who needs to speak in their very best voice, present themselves in their very best light, and maximize their personal success."

Tom Montana
Tom Montana
IT Consultant

"I just used my 'telephone voice' to get fully comped for a $2000 software developer training I was ready to pay full price for. I sounded authoritative and like I was in charge (which I am, but the 'true voice' we developed during that weekend definitely helped), and it made me sound like a professional of some influence apparently.

Thanks again for your work with me. It is paying off in new ways, I couldn't even dream of just a few weeks ago.



For more information on my DVD training course, visit Voicing It!

For a listing of upcoming 2-Day Voice & Presentation Skills Workshops,
see Workshops.

Nick Vitalbo
Lockheed Martin

Nick Vitalbo

"Recently, I had to give a presentation to one of our customers. After the presentation one of the gentlemen caught me in the hallway and came up to me to say that he really liked the way that I presented. He said that when I spoke, not only did I know what I was talking about, but he enjoyed the way I spoke, the tone in my voice commanded respect. So...thanks for your help!"

Jennifer Madigan
L2 Accent Reduction Centre
British Columbia

Jennifer Madigan

"I ordered Nancy's Voicing It! DVDs and another top-selling course. Nancy's program is far superior!"

Allison Christilaw
Managerial Design
Toronto, Ontario

Allison Christilaw

"Your voice training was some of the most valuable training I have had in my career."

Dr Jeffrey S Fister
Oral & Maxillofacial
Surgeon/Ordained Minister

Dr Jeffrey Fister

"Because of Nancy's course, Voicing It!, I feel much more confident making presentations; and, my congregation has noticed the difference in my voice...now I'm able to control my nervousness.  If you want to become a more dynamic public speaker, you MUST learn how to do this!"

Don Dougherty
Author, Storyteller,Rocketeer
Classroom Adventure Stories

Don Dougherty

"Thank you for helping me find my REAL voice, strengthen it and keep it strong through my busiest month of reading. You are truly a gifted speaker and Voice Coach. You made me feel extremely comfortable through the whole process and I am now a much better storyteller because of you!"