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Voice Training, Voice Improvement and
Public Speaking Solutions

Discover Your Real Voice

2-Day Voice Dynamic Workshop
With Nancy Daniels
November 1 & 2, 2019
9 am to 4 pm on both days
DoubleTree Suites
Mt. Laurel, NJ

Harness Your Nervousness

Why Spend Thousands of Dollars to
Improve Your Presentation Skills
When You Can Become a Dynamic Public Speaker
With a Voice That Speaks Volumes
For Less than $1,000?

This is not a 'bootcamp' with hundreds of attendees.
The maximum group size is 6 participants which means

You Get My Very Personal Attention!

Unleash the Dynamic Speaker Within

Throughout this workshop,
Voice Coach, Nancy Daniels
will take you through The Voice Dynamic Approach
as well as provide in-depth,
personalized training in
public speaking.

The Voice LadyWhether you are required to make presentations in your job or you wish to become a professional speaker, Nancy will show you her 5 Secrets to becoming a powerful, dynamic presenter. While many other courses in presentation skills and public speaking provide excellent information and training, the majority do not know how to teach you how to find your 'real' voice. One of the greatest benefits of The Voice Dynamic Approach is that you will come in Friday morning with your 'old' voice and have lunch with your 'new' one! And, if stress or anxiety is a problem at the lectern, you are going to learn the best means for controlling that nervousness, allowing it to work for you and not against you. Nervousness is wonderful...it's that extra spurt of adrenaline which can truly give you the edge!

In My 2-Day Workshop, You Will Learn

How to Find Your 'Real' Voice
How to Increase Your Volume (WITHOUT SHOUTING!)
How to Communicate in 'Living' Color
How to Control Your Nervousness
How to Speak TO Your Audience (Not AT Them)
How to Eliminate Nasality
How to Be More Dynamic
How to Feel More Confident

Let the Power of Your Voice Take Their Breath Away!

This workshop will cover all aspects of my voice training known as The Voice Dynamic Approach as well as:

the Informative/Persuasive Presentation
the Impromptu Presentation
the Personal Introduction

All participants are video-recorded throughout the training and receive a copy of their own material on DVD after completion of the course.

Tom Montana"I just used my 'telephone voice' to get fully comped for a $2000 software developer training I was ready to pay full price for. I sounded authoritative and like I was in charge (which I am, but the 'true voice' we developed during that weekend definitely helped), and it made me sound like a professional of some influence apparently.)

Thanks again for your work with me. It is paying off in new ways I couldn't even dream of just a few weeks ago."

Tom Montana
IT Consultant
Austin, Texas


Seating Is Extremely Limited, So Reserve Your Seat Today for Only $995
which includes all your materials as well as lunch on Friday & Saturday.

The sessions run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on both days.

Click on the button below to register and reserve your seat



Imagine...beginning the day with

your 'old' voice

and having lunch with

your 'new' one.



If you would like to speak with Nancy about this workshop, call:



DoubleTree Inn

This workshop will be held at the

DoubleTree Inn

515 Fellowship Rd North
Mt Laurel, New Jersey 08054

Within minutes of downtown Philadelphia, this Mt Laurel Hilton is easily accessible from both the New Jersey Turnpike and Rt 295.


Allison Christilaw

"Your voice training was some of the most valuable training I have had in my career."

Allison Christilaw
Managing Director
Managerial Design
Toronto, Canada


Without a doubt, you will sound better...

You will probably look better...

And you most definitely will feel better
about yourself!



Santana Gomes

"It was one of the best two days I have had. Casual, informal, and yet incredibly productive."

Santana Gomes
Operations Consultant
Toronto, Canada