Why Voice?

Hello, My name is Nancy Daniels, also known as The Voice Lady.   The purpose of my blog is to provide useful information for those seeking advice or help in voice improvement, presentation skills and public speaking.

Why voice improvement?  Because your speaking voice accounts for a good 37% of the image you project.  It is the foundation for any form of public speaking.  Think of it as the cake.  Everything else is the icing!  (Oh, by the way, that 37% is what you hear on your answering machine or voicemail — not the sound you hear in your head!) Do you have a better voice inside of you? Absolutely! The purpose of my training is to show you how to discover your ‘real’ voice.

There is no doubt that public speaking is man’s greatest fear.  Can fear be conquered?  The answer is yes.  While practice is one of the best exercises for improving your presentation skills, there are many other factors that make for dynamic public speaking.  Let me hear your thoughts and opinions, your questions, or your advice.

Welcome, thank you for posting, and enjoy!

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